Using Delivery mode

When you start a Lumio lesson, it opens in Delivery mode. Delivery mode is Lumio’s lesson presentation view. In Delivery mode, you can manage connected students, control lesson pacing, navigate pages, write and draw on pages, and lots more.

Click each label to learn about Delivery mode features.

Click an area of the image to learn more about the features.
Labelled image of the delivery mode interface.




The toolbar on the left side of the page indicates whether a lesson is open in Delivery mode or Editing mode.

Editing mode

An image of a lesson opened in Delivery mode.

Delivery mode

Page area

Write, draw, and interact with objects on presentation pages, or complete activities on activity pages.


Select Menu to open the Delivery mode menu.

The delivery menu options numbered 1 through 6.




End the lesson and return to the My Library tab. Any changes and student data from completed activities are saved automatically.


Open the lesson in Editing mode.


Share the lesson to students or other teachers.


Make a copy of the lesson.


A copy of a lesson does not include student data from the original.


Visit the support site to get help for using Lumio or report an issue you encountered while using the product.


Close the menu.

Manage class

Select Manage Class to open the class panel, where you can show or hide a pesistent Class ID, manage connected students, control lesson pacing, and convert presentation pages.

Delivery tools

The delivery tools available change depending on the type of page you are viewing. These tools include:






Select an object on the page.

Pen tool


Write and draw on the page.



Erase digital ink.



Open the gallery for adding lines, shapes, images, and links.

Add text


Add typed text to the page.

Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader

Start the Immersive Reader.

Game Elements

Game element

Add a game element such as a buzzer, randomizer, or timer.



Reset the activity or assessment.

Activity settings

Open the activity or assessment panel. From here, you can pause or end the activity and see a list of connected students.

Add Instant Page

Select Add Page to insert a blank whiteboard page, a whole-class whiteboard activity, an instant Shout It Out! activity, or a Desmos graphing calculator activity. Learn more about adding these pages to your lesson on the fly.

The add page options: Whiteboard, Whole-Class Whiteboard, Shout it Out!, and Desmos acttivities.

Page navigation and page sorter

Use the page navigation controls to display the next or previous page in a lesson.

Tap the page sorter icon in the center to open and close the page sorter. The page sorter is an additional navigation panel that contains thumbnails of lesson pages. If you want to duplicate or delete a page in your lesson, you can tap the page thumbnail’s more icon to access these features:

Play instructional audio

When a student is on a page that includes instructional audio, they see a control in the top-right corner that they can select to listen to the audio recording:

The Play, Pause, Skip, and Replay controls.

Each student controls their own audio playback and can listen at their own pace. As the teacher, you see the same controls when you browse to a page with audio, but your playback is independent of your students’ and will not affect their experience.