Converting presentation pages to activities in Delivery mode

Although students can view presentation pages and see the teacher’s notes as they're made, they cannot add to or interact with items on the page. When you’re presenting a lesson to your class, you may want to convert an existing presentation page to an activity that your students can interact with.

Students must join your class before they can connect to the activity. See Helping students join a class.

You can convert a presentation page into the following activity types:





Individual Handout

Students complete the activity individually on their devices. They see only their own input on a personal copy of the activity page.

Group Workspace

Group Workspace

Students complete the activity collaboratively in small groups on their devices. They see and interact with the input of everyone in their group on a shared copy of the activity page.

Whole-class whiteboard

Whole-class Whiteboard

Students work together as a class to collaborate and complete the activity using student devices.


After a page is converted to an activity, it’s saved as an activity in the lesson. The next time you deliver that lesson, you don’t have to convert the page again.

Converting pages is available in both Editing and Delivery mode. This topic explains how to convert pages while in Delivery mode. For information about converting pages while editing a lesson, see Converting presentation pages to activities in Editing mode.

To convert a presentation page

  1. Open the lesson in Delivery mode and go to the presentation page you want to convert.

  2. Ensure students have joined your class, and then selectManage Class to open the class panel. Because you are on a presentation page, options appear for making the page interactive.

  3. Choose the activity format you want to convert the page to.

    To learn how to use the activity you’ve created, see the following topics: