Introduction to SMART lab activities and assessments


Create interactive learning experiences in less than five minutes that will engage and amaze your students. SMART lab and SMART response 2 feature a game-based learning environment, real-time student collaboration tools and a suite of formative assessment tools.


  • SMART Notebook 17
  • SMART Learning Suite
  • SMART lab
  • response 2


  • create interactive activities
  • create assessments
  • SMART lab
  • response 2

Save hours of lesson planning time while providing a rich classroom experience for your students.

To read the procedure for setting up a Monster Quiz see Using Monster Quiz in SMART Notebook .

Which activity should you create? Select an activity type based on your learning objective.

  1. Add a competitive gaming element to your next grammar lesson using Speedup

  2. Launch a class-wide brainstorming session using student mobile devices and Shout It Out!

  3. Create an exit ticket using the response 2 formative assessment tool

  4. Pace your lesson and reduce information overload using Label Reveal