The following sections describe how to troubleshoot the most common issues encountered in SMART Notebook. If your problem is not listed, or none of the solutions help resolve the issue you are experiencing, check out the following resource:

Knowledge base

The knowledge base contains articles to help with advanced troubleshooting. Search your issue to see if any of the published resources offer a solution to your issue.

Identify your SMART Notebook version


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  • I can’t find the feature (such as Extend Page and Dual Page) I’m looking for in Notebook 23.

    Extend page is now available in Notebook 23.1 SP1. Update to the latest version to get this feature.

    As of SMART Notebook 23 (for Windows), some features are deprecated, and others are being improved and will be available again in a future release . If you use a deprecated feature regularly, there is a quick way to switch back to Notebook 22 (version 22.2).


    SMART Notebook 22.2 is included in the SMART Notebook 23.1 download.

    To access Notebook 22 from Notebook 23

    1. Click ViewNotebook 22.

    2. The file opens in SMART Notebook 22 (version 22.2).

    3. Tip 

      You can choose to have SMART Notebook 22 open by default. Go to EditPreferences and select which version of SMART Notebook you want to open by default next time you open the software.

    Which features have changed?

    Although most of Notebook’s features have been included in the latest release, some features have been deprecated, and others are coming soon.


    The following table highlights only the differences. Features not listed here are the same in both versions.


    Notebook 23.1 SP1

    Notebook 22.2

    Canvas size (extend page)

    Extend Page is available.

    You can also select from the following page sizes:

    • 4:3

    • 16:9 “regular”

    • 16:9 “large”

    The 16:9 page sizes are available for those who want more space on a page. These sizes are designed to make the file compatible across SMART software products.

    Pages have a fixed width, at a 4:3 ratio by default. However, you can click Extend Page to get more space.

    Dual Page view

    This feature is not currently available.

    This feature is available.

    Cross-product compatibility

    With 16:9 sizes, Notebook lessons that are shared to Lumio or opened on a SMART Board display with iQ will display at the appropriate ratio and will not be resized.

    Lessons saved from iQ and opened again in Notebook will show the same page that was shown in iQ.

    When lessons are opened on displays with iQ, the pages are resized to fit and have black bars on either side of the page. This is because 4:3 content is made to fit on a 4:3 screen.

    Lessons saved from iQ and opened again in Notebook could have missing content due to the differences in page (canvas) sizes across SMART products

    Pressure Ink

    Can create and erase pressure ink on supported SMART Board displays.

    Pressure ink is not supported and will be displayed as regular digital ink.

    Transparent View

    This is a depreciated feature, as SMART Ink (included with SMART Notebook) already provides this feature.

    Use SMART Ink to make notes over Windows applications, Microsoft Office files, and PDF documents. Learn more about SMART Ink.

    This feature is available in SMART Notebook 22. However, you can also use SMART Ink to perform the same actions.

    Dual-write Mode

    Because the current line of SMART Board displays supports multiple users interacting with the display simultaneously, this feature was deprecated.

    This feature is available. However, it is only applicable for SMART Board D600 series interactive whiteboards.

    3D Models

    Manipulation of 3D Models is not supported. A 2D placeholder will be rendered in place of 3D models in existing documents.

    This feature is available.

    Mixed Reality

    This feature was last supported with the SMART Document Camera 450. Newer models of the document camera (SDC-550 and 650) do not support the use of the mixed reality map and cube.

    This feature is available. However, you must have a SDC-450 with a mixed reality mat and cube to use it.

    SMART Notebook Math Tools

    This feature has been replaced with the new Editable Math Equation feature. Learn more.

    This feature can be activated if you have an existing product key. Product keys for Math Tools are no longer available (as of 2017).

    Table properties

    You can create tables and change a variety of their basic properties, such as:

    • Add and remove rows and columns

    • Adjust row and column size

    • Change style properties such as border (line) style

    • Add and remove annotations

    The following functions are not currently available:

    • Split and merge cells (will be added in an upcoming release)

    • Delete cells

    • Edit table properties such as fill effects and individual cell properties

    If you want to customize a table, you can select a table, column, row, cell or selection of cells, and then make any of the following changes:

    • Add and remove rows and columns

    • Adjust row and column size

    • Change line type, fill, and text properties

    • Add and remove annotations

    • Split or merge cells

    • Delete cells

    Concept Maps

    Existing concept maps will appear, but you won’t be able to edit them or create new ones.

    You can view and manipulate existing concept maps and create new ones.

    Link to Tool

    This is a deprecated feature.

    Most SMART Board interactive displays and whiteboards support object recognition, allowing you to quickly distinguish between pen, finger, and palm eraser.

    This feature is supported.

    The Link to Tool feature was intended to provide a way to quickly switch between pen , finger, and a palm eraser to those using Notebook on displays without object recognition.

    “Show All Links” and “Show All Links When Page Opens”

    This is a deprecated feature. However, you can link objects and launch the links using a corner icon. This makes objects with links easily identifiable as they appear with a link icon on the page

    This feature exists in the View menu. When turned on, an animation appears to indicate any linked objects on the page.

    Full screen page border

    There is no longer a blue border that appears around the page space when viewed in full-screen mode.

    This feature is supported.

    Insert Picture From Scanner

    This is a deprecated feature. As a workaround, scanned images can be saved and then inserted as a regular image.

    This feature is supported.


    Existing text-in-shapes are displayed but cannot be created. This feature will be available again in an upcoming release.

    In the meantime, you can group text with a shape to obtain a similar result.

    This feature is supported.
  • Floating toolbar and pen/ink settings issues (default thickness, color, and style settings)

  • I’m having subscription issues.

    • I have a subscription but I can’t access the full version.

      The email you are using to sign in is not the one that was provisioned in the SMART Admin Portal by your school’s administrator, or you haven’t yet been provisioned..

      • If your subscription is managed by your school, contact your school’s IT administrator (or the person in charge of managing subscriptions) and ask them to either provide what email you should use to sign in, or provision the email you want to use to sign in to your SMART Account.

      Your SMART Account that you use to access Notebook is provisioned in SMART’s Global service region, but you are signed in to your SMART Account using the European service region (or vice versa).

      • If your subscription is managed by your school, contact your school’s IT administrator (or the person in charge of managing subscriptions) and ask them what service region you should use to sign in to your SMART Account. See and .

    • I want to renew my subscription but I can’t figure out how.

      Your subscription is part of a group subscription and managed by your school. Contact your school’s IT administrator (or the person in charge of managing subscriptions) and ask them to renew your subscription. Or, if they have multiple subscriptions, have them provision you another subscription in the SMART Admin Portal that is active.

      If you purchased your own subscription, renewals are automatic. You can manage your subscription from the user menu in Lumio. See Managing, renewing, and canceling subscriptions.

    • I can’t find my product key.

      The product key is recorded in the SMART Admin Portal.

      • The SMART Admin Portal sign in information and product key are given to the contacts provided when SMART Notebook software was purchased. Contact your technical administrator to obtain your SMART Notebook product key.

      • If you are the technical administrator, you should have received an email with your sign in credentials. Sign into the Admin Portal to view all SMART software product keys available to your organization.

  • I'm having issues connecting to a network.

    Several components of SMART Notebook software (activation, activities, and assessments) require an active internet connection and access to URLs that might be blocked by a network firewall or other filters. See Device and Network Requirements for a list of URLs that must be added to the allowlist.

  • I’m having issues using some Notebook features on my Mac, such as touch and recording.

    In macOS High Sierra (10.13) and later, Apple has introduced security and privacy settings that affect SMART Notebook and related software. If you have not set these permissions correctly it may result in features such as touch and sound not behaving as expected when using SMART software. See Managing macOS security and privacy settings.

  • I’m seeing errors when trying to install SMART Notebook.

    Troubleshooting procedures for installation errors vary according to operating system, the specific error message, and the computer's environment and specifications. Here are some general tips and tricks you can try if you run into an error message during installation.

    • Windows

      • Run Windows Update and apply any updates.

      • Restart the computer.

      • Run Scan to repair any problematic system files. See this support document for more information.

      • Run the installation again.

    • Mac computers

      • Run macOS updates and apply any updates.

      • Restart the computer.

      • Repair disk permissions (if applicable). See this Apple support site document for more information.

      • Run the installation again.

  • I’m having issues opening files / the file I’m trying to open is corrupt.

    • The file is running slowly when I open it.

      Your file contains large pictures. Export an optimized version of the file (see Adding imagesManually reducing the size of large pictures).

    • The Notebook file is corrupt and can’t be opened.

      The file may be corrupted if you are trying to open a Notebook file and one of the following messages appear:

      • "Can't open the file. "

      • "This file is corrupt and cannot be opened."

      To fix this, create a new Notebook file. Drag the corrupted file into a blank page in the new file. If the corrupted file's contents appear, save the file as a new file and it should open normally.


      Create regular backups of important files to prevent data loss in the unlikely event that a file is corrupted.

  • I’m having issues with the toolbar.

    • I need the toolbar to be lower so me / my students can reach it.

      Tap Move toolbar to top/bottom of window to move the toolbar from the top of the window to the bottom.


      If you have a height-adjustable wall mount, you can also adjust the height of the interactive whiteboard or display so that students can reach it.

    • Toolbar buttons described in this documentation don’t appear on the toolbar.

      • If a down arrow appears on the right side of the toolbar, press it to display additional toolbar buttons.

      • If the desired button you’re looking for doesn’t appear when you click the down arrow, you or another user might have removed the button (see Customizing the toolbar).

      • Don’t span more than a few buttons across rows to prevent the toolbar from being wider than the SMART Notebook software window.

    • I want to change the defaults on the SMART Notebook toolbar, like pen thickness or default text font.

    • The Page Sorter, Gallery, Attachments, Properties, and other tabs keep disappearing.

      Tap one of the tab’s icons to display it, and then clear the Auto-hide check box.

  • I’m having issues editing objects such as shapes and images.

    • I’m trying to move or resize one object, but when I do it moves other objects too.

      The objects are grouped. Any changes you make to one object affect the other objects. Select the objects, and then select FormatGroupUngroup to ungroup them. You can then move, resize or otherwise change the individual objects.

      For more information, see Positioning objects.

    • I want to move or make changes to an object, but I can’t.

      The object is locked, which prevents you from making changes to it. To unlock the object, select it, press its lock icon, and then select Unlock.

    • I’m trying to fill an object with a picture but it’s either cut-off or appears as tiles.

      When you fill an object with a picture that is larger than the object, the picture is cut off.

      When you fill an object with a picture that is smaller than the object, the picture is tiled.

      When filling an object with a picture, select Scale image to fit to resize the picture to fit the object:

      For more information, see Cropping and setting image transparency.

  • I can’t interact with or create new Concept Maps.

    To interact with Concept Maps, click ViewNotebook 22. Creating new Concept Maps is not currently supported in SMART Notebook 23.

  • I can’t manipulate the 3D objects on the page.

    To manipulate 3D Objects, click ViewNotebook 22. 3D object manipulation is not currently supported in SMART Notebook 23.


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