Editing presentation pages

Customize presentation pages using the presentation page toolbar.



Selection tool

When you add an image, sticker, shape, line, text, or equation to the page it becomes a page object. Use the selection toolSelect toolto select an object and reveal the controls for moving, rotating, and resizing it.

Click More options to reveal more options including locking the object in place, duplicating it, converting it to an Infinite Cloner The Infinite Cloner locks an object in place and transforms it so that students can select and drag to continue pulling out infinite copies of the object., or deleting it.

Pen, text, and eraser tools

Use the Pen tool to draw on the page, the Text tool to insert and customize typed text, and the Eraser tool to remove digital ink on the page.

Equation tool

Use the equation tool to quickly add MathType and ChemType equations to the page. Learn more.


Open the gallery to find options for inserting stickers, shapes, lines, images, and web links on the page.