Turning SMART Ink on or off

You can use SMART Ink to write or draw on most windows. However, there may be times where you wish to turn off SMART Ink. You can turn off SMART Ink in the following ways:

Turn off SMART Ink temporarily for all windows/applications

If you don’t need to use SMART Ink, you can disable it until the next time you restart or log in to the computer.


If you want to leave SMART Ink on, but hide the dynamic (floating) toolbar, see Closing (hiding) the toolbar.

Turn off SMART Ink for a specific window

If you want to turn off SMART Ink for a specific application window, use this option.

Turn off SMART Ink permanently for an application

This is particularly useful when an application has its own writing and drawing tools (for example, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) that you want to use instead of SMART Ink.


SMART Ink is for use with an interactive product. If the computer on which SMART Ink is installed is not connected to an interactive product, such as a SMART Board, you cannot use SMART Ink.