Important message for SMART Notebook for Mac users with the macOS Mojave update. Learn More 
If you’re using SMART Notebook software on a Mac computer that has been updated to macOS Mojave, you might experience issues that result from the new privacy-protection features included in the update. Read this article to help resolve issues when installing and using SMART Notebook software on a computer with macOS Mojave. If you’re using SMART Notebook for Mac and a SMART Board 4000 or E70 interactive display, read this article.


Troubleshooting SMART Notebook 18


Troubleshoot the most common issues in SMART Notebook software.

Identify your SMART Notebook version


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The following sections describe how to troubleshoot the most common issues encountered in SMART Notebook. If your problem is not listed, or none of the solutions help resolve the issue you are experiencing, check out the following resource:

Communities forums

Search the communities discussion forums for an answer, or add a post about your own issues. The forums are regularly monitored by SMART Support and other SMART Product users, so it’s a great location to find answers to your issue.

Knowledge base

The knowledge base contains articles to help with advanced troubleshooting. Search your issue to see if any of the published resources offer a solution to your issue.


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