Getting support and finding the serial number

SMART Support welcomes your call. However, if you experience difficulty with a SMART Board M700 or M700V series interactive whiteboard or any other SMART product, consider contacting your authorized SMART reseller ( first. Your reseller can often resolve the issue without delay.

Before you contact SMART Support, make sure:

  • You know the interactive whiteboard’s serial number.

  • The computer specifications and operating system meet the minimum system requirements for SMART Product Drivers.

  • The USB cable is connected properly to your computer and interactive whiteboard.

  • SMART Product drivers are installed on your computer’s operating system.

  • The interactive screen and frames aren’t optically obstructed.

  • You oriented your interactive whiteboard’s touch system to the projected display.

To find your interactive whiteboard’s serial number

  1. The serial number is on a label located on the left side of the interactive whiteboard (pictured). The serial number is also on the back of the interactive whiteboard.

    Scan the QR code on the label to view the SMART Board M700 and M700V series interactive whiteboards support pages on the SMART website.