Creating a Monster Quiz activity

SMART Notebook Plus feature. Subscription required.

Create an activity where students work in teams on their devices to answer multiple-choice or true or false questions. The first team to answer all of the questions wins.

This activity tests students’ knowledge on a topic of your choice. The quiz format is great for reviewing material, and collaborative game play reinforces the value of teamwork.

Here is an example of a Monster Quiz activity. The screen on the left shows the classroom display where monsters hatch as team members answer questions correctly. The screen on the right shows a student device with questions appearing.

This example was created by entering multiple-choice and true or false questions about the difference between reptiles and amphibians.

Follow the instructions below to create your own version of this activity.

To ensure the best possible user experience with interactive activities, see Browser, device operating system, and network recommendations for more information.

To create a Monster Quiz

  1. Click Activities in the SMART Notebook toolbar.

    The Select an Activity dialog box opens.

  2. Select Monster Quiz.

    The activity’s editor opens.

  3. Select a question type, either Multiple Choice or True or False.

  4. Enter a question. You can use up to 150 characters.

  5. Enter answer options for your question:

    • For a multiple-choice question, enter at least two answers to the question you entered, and click the selection circle beside the correct answer.

    • For a true or false question, click the selection circle beside the correct answer.

    A green check mark indicates the answer you’ve selected as correct.

  6. Click Add Question to continue adding questions and answers to the activity. You can also add questions from a previously saved list or save new questions to a list.


    Add up to ten questions. If you add more than ten questions, only the first ten questions appear.


    Use the Manage Content dialog to save questions sets for future use in other lessons.

  7. When you’re done adding questions, click Next.

  8. Select the Time Limit Per Question option to enter the number of seconds students will have to answer each question.

  9. Click Finish.

    The activity loads and then appears on a new lesson page.

To play a Monster Quiz activity

  1. Tap the activity manager.

    The Student Contribution Activity dialog appears. It includes the URL that students visit in their browsers and the generated activity ID number students enter to join.

  2. Have students connect to the activity.

  3. Tap Start on the Monster Quiz activity window.

    Students receive a confirmation that they are now in the game.


    The activity controls appear in the top right corner of the page:

    • UseSound to turn activity sound on or off.

    • UseReset to restart the activity.

    • UseEdit to modify the activity.

  4. Tap Divide into teams and select the number of teams.

    Monster Quiz assigns students to the teams and builds the activity.

  5. Tap Start Quiz.

    The quiz begins.

  6. Students answer questions as they appear on their mobile devices.

    As correct answers are given, the monsters start hatching. When all monsters have hatched, the quiz ends.


You can also end the quiz at any time by tapping End quiz.

To review a Monster Quiz activity

After the quiz ends, the winning team is announced.

Tap Review to review results.

You can switch between the Team Scoreboard, which shows you how the teams did against each other, and the Class Review, which shows you how the class performed as a whole.