Writing or drawing digital ink

You can use the cordless pen to write or draw over SMART Notebook software, SMART Meeting Pro software and other programs using SMART Ink. When you write or draw in an application or on the desktop, the digital ink becomes an object that you can erase, move, and manipulate in a variety of ways.

When you write in a SMART Notebook software or SMART Meeting Pro software, the digital ink becomes part of the file.


  • By default, SMART Ink starts when you first log on to your computer. If SMART Ink isn’t running, you can start it manually. To learn more, see Working with SMART Ink.

  • The interactive pen display ignores a palm resting on the screen.

  • If you are writing or drawing in a Microsoft Office application, see Using SMART Ink with Microsoft Office.

To write or draw digital ink

  1. Pick up the cordless pen.

  2. Write or draw on the screen to make notes and draw over your desktop and programs.


    • Press an ink color side button to select an ink color (see Pen color buttons).

    • You can also press the SMART Ink dynamic toolbar icon and use the toolbar commands to customize the pen colors and line thickness, convert handwriting to text, take screen captures and use favorites. To learn more, see Working with SMART Ink.


  • SP624
  • SP624P


  • cordless pen
  • digital ink
  • writing and drawing

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