Working with SMART Ink

The SMART Podium interactive pen display comes with SMART Notebook or SMART Meeting Pro software (see Installing SMART software). Both feature SMART ink, which enables you to use the cordless pen or your finger to add notes or drawings to presentations on the touch screen.

By default, SMART Ink starts when you first log on to your computer. However, if SMART Ink isn’t set up to start automatically, you can start it manually. See Starting SMART Ink manually.

After SMART Ink starts, you can open the SMART Ink dynamic toolbar and use it to write and draw, convert handwriting to text, take screen captures and use favorites.


  • If you start SMART Ink manually but your computer isn’t connected to a SMART interactive product, a notification appears.

  • Although the dynamic toolbar works with the desktop and all applications, some of its options vary from application to application.


  • SP624
  • SP624P


  • starting SMART Ink
  • dynamic toolbar
  • SMART Ink settings

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