Important message for SMART Notebook for Mac users with the macOS Mojave update. Learn More 
If you’re using SMART Notebook software on a Mac computer that has been updated to macOS Mojave, you might experience issues that result from the new privacy-protection features included in the update. Read this article to help resolve issues when installing and using SMART Notebook software on a computer with macOS Mojave. If you’re using SMART Notebook for Mac and a SMART Board 4000 or E70 interactive display, read this article.


Using SMART Notebook at home


Use SMART Notebook on your home computer to edit and create lessons for the next day.


  • SMART Account
  • SMART Notebook 18
  • SMART Learning Suite
  • SMART Software Portal


  • using SMART Notebook at home
  • using software on multiple devices
  • find out how your access is set up
  • product keys
  • SMART Account

With an active subscription to SMART Learning Suite, you can use SMART Notebook software on the computer in your classroom and on your computer at home. There are two ways a subscription to SMART Notebook gets activated:

How you activate the full version of SMART Notebook on your home computer depends on the method used to activate your access to SMART Notebook.

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