Important message for SMART Notebook for Mac users with the macOS Mojave update. Learn More 
If you’re using SMART Notebook software on a Mac computer that has been updated to macOS Mojave, you might experience issues that result from the new privacy-protection features included in the update. Read this article to help resolve issues when installing and using SMART Notebook software on a computer with macOS Mojave. If you’re using SMART Notebook for Mac and a SMART Board 4000 or E70 interactive display, read this article.

SMART Notebook 18 training and videos

Getting started with SMART Notebook 18

Webinars: Introduction to SMART Notebook

How-to videos: Creating lessons

How-to videos: Delivering lessons

Training programs

SMART Digital Educator

These five courses give you foundational skills for using SMART products in your classroom. Create and training account and sign in to complete this course.


SMART Digital Champion

Take your teaching and learning to the next level in the classroom with complimentary courses on the SMART Learning Suite and SMART Boards. Create and training account and sign in to complete this course.

More professional development for teachers

Explore the Skills Toolkit video collection

Browse in-depth pedagogy and classroom technology tutorials created by SMART Professional Development.


Explore the Educator2Educator YouTube channel

Browse the subject-based playlists to learn how to use Notebook to create content for your lessons. Additionally, explore the Ed2Ed webinar series where other teachers demonstrate how to use Notebook in the classroom.

SMART account tips

How-to videos: Creating basic activities

How-to videos: Creating game-based activities

How-to videos: Creating assessments

How-to videos: Importing, exporting, and sharing

SMART level 1 technical support training