Creating a Flip Out flashcard activity

SMART Notebook Plus feature. Subscription required.

Create a flash card activity where students can flip cards over to learn about corresponding concepts.

This activity teaches one-to-one correspondence, memory, and vocabulary.

Here is an example of a Flip Out activity that teaches the parts of speech.

Sample Flip Out activity displays cards with the central card flipped. The cards read: "Cat, Run, Noun, Dog, Jump."

This example was created by entering five words to appear on the cards’ face-up sides and then indicating the part of speech for each word on the face-down sides.

Follow the instructions below to create your own version of this activity.

To create a Flip Out flashcard activity

  1. Click Activities in the SMART Notebook toolbar.

    The Select an Activity dialog box opens.

  2. Select Flip Out.

    The activity’s editor opens.

  3. Enter text or tap image to add an image in both the Facing Up and Facing Down boxes.

    Create as many cards as you need. If you create more than 12 cards, the additional cards appear in the middle of the page, along with a Discard pile. To use the additional cards during play, discard any of the cards in play and replace them with cards from the stack in the middle.

  4. When you’re done creating cards, click Next.

  5. Select a theme for your activity and click Finish.


    Select Custom Theme to customize the card faces, flip the cards, and add your own background image.

    The activity loads and then appears on a new lesson page.

  6. Tip 

    If you’re delivering the activity at the classroom display, you can add a buzzer, timer, or randomizer game element to facilitate group play. Tap Game Elements to open the game element selector, and select the game element you want to add.

To play a Flip Out flashcard activity

  1. Navigate to the lesson page that contains the activity.


    To enable your students to play the activity or to make contributions from their own devices, see Connecting student devices.

  2. Have students flip cards over to reveal what’s on the other side. For example, the face of the card may be labeled “jump,” while the back of a card may be labeled “verb.”

    If you have more than 12 cards, after a card has been flipped and the answer discussed, you can drag it to the discard pile.


    If the activity contains an image, you can magnify it to view it full screen. Tap anywhere to exit full screen mode.


    The activity controls appear in the top right corner of the page:

    • UseSound to turn activity sound on or off.

    • UseReset to restart the activity.

    • UseEdit to modify the activity.