About SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook is subscription-free software designed for use with a SMART Board interactive display. SMART Notebook has many features you can use to create, edit, and deliver engaging lessons to your students, including:

  • Creative pen tools

  • SMART Ink for writing and drawing in digital ink

  • SMART Ink presentation tools, such as screen shade, spotlight, and more

  • Infinite cloner

  • Interaction with objects on the page

  • Widgets, such as interactive dice, timers, and spinners

  • Text, line, table, and shape tools

  • Video and image search add-ons

  • Gallery of images

  • Ability to import PowerPoint (Windows only) and PDF files and convert them to SMART Notebook files

SMART Notebook Plus is an upgrade to SMART Notebook that comes as part of a subscription. SMART Notebook Plus adds a variety of features to the subscription-free version, such as:

  • Game-based activity templates that enable class brainstorming, collaborative quizzes and games, formative assessments, and individual game play

  • Ability to connect student devices for playing activities and completing assessments

  • Additional lesson creation tools, such as SMART Blocks, concept maps, and more

  • Full touch capability when presenting SMART Notebook lessons on a non-SMART Board interactive display

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