Adding a YouTube video

Create a new lesson by starting with a YouTube video, that introduces and engages your students in the topic. Check out the teacher guide for some instructional ideas for using YouTube videos in your Lumio lessons.

To add a YouTube video

  1. Click New to start creating a new lesson file.


    To add the video to an existing lesson, open the lesson in Editing mode, browse to the page that you want the video to follow, and then click Add Page.

    The Add page window appears.

  2. Select YouTube.

    The Add Video window opens.

  3. Type a search term in the search box and click Search .

    A list of videos appears.

  4. Select the video you want from the search results and click Add.

    An imade of the Add Video window for adding YouTube videos.

    The message Importing video... appears on a new page as the video is imported.

    After the video is imported, it opens on a new page in Editing mode.

  5. Click within the title bar’s placeholder title text to type a title for the resource you’ve just created.

    An image showing where to edit the title of the lesson.
  6. Add more pages by clicking Add Page.


    Click Finish Editing.