Syncing the display with your SMART Account (Lumio files library)

If your SMART Account is connected to an active subscription to SMART’s education software, you can sync all of your lesson files from SMART Notebook and Lumio by SMART on the display.

When you sign in to your SMART Account, the display's Lumio folder in the Files library synchronizes with your Lumio files library. A number of things happen when you sign in and synchronize files:

  • Files in your Lumio lesson library are synchronized with the display's Files library. You can open the lesson on the display and deliver it, and changes are saved and synchronized between the Lumio folder on the display and your Lumio files library.

  • Files shared from SMART Notebook are also saved to your Lumio files library and will be available directly from the display.


    Your SMART Account email address must be provisioned in the SMART Admin Portal before you can share files from SMART Notebook or access saved files in Lumio. File synchronization isn’t available if you’ve used a product key to activate SMART Notebook software on your computer. See Activating your subscription.

  • When you create a new whiteboard in the Whiteboard app, it is saved and synchronized between the Lumio folder on the display and your Lumio files library. Make sure you set the Lumio folder as the default save location for Whiteboard files:

    1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.

    2. Navigate to Application settings > Files Library > Default Whiteboard Location.

    3. Select My Files > Lumio.

Once synchronized, you can add the Lumio folder (or sub-folders) to your favorites for quick access from the Home screen, or move files from the display into the Lumio folder so it's synchronized to your SMART Account (Lumio files library).

To add a Lumio folder to your favorites

  1. Go to the folder in the Lumio folder directory.

  2. Select the star on the corner of the folder you want to add as a favorite. The star turns green.

    When you're in the Home screen, the selected folder now appears under Favorites.

To move files from your board to a Lumio folder

  1. From the Home screen, tap Files.

  2. TapExpand beside My Files and select the Board Files directory.

  3. In the Board Files directory, select folders or files and drag them to the Lumio folder directory.


    If you add a file to a Lumio folder while you're offline, the file will upload automatically when internet connectivity is restored.