Browsing the internet

You can use the Browser app to view websites on the display and download files.


  • The Browser app doesn't support third-party plugins.

  • You might have to use an app to view a downloaded file. Download the app from SMART's app store or install the app using SMART Remote Management (subscription required).

  • Services that host protected content, such as Netflix, may not be supported in the Browser app.

  • Displays with older models of the iQ appliance don't include the Browser app.

To open a Browser

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps Library and then tap Browser.

To use the browser

  1. Use the browser as you would on your computer or mobile device. Refer to the Help in the browser.


    • By default, the Browser presents mobile versions of websites for compatibility and usability with touch. If a site doesn't appear correctly, switching to the Desktop site from within the Browser's menu will usually address any issues.

    • When a floating window is on the screen, you cannot interact with permission prompts that grant websites access to connected peripherals, such as a web cam or mic. Close any open floating windows to interact with these permission prompts.