Who manages subscriptions at a school

Use the information on this page to get help understanding who manages the SMART Learning Suite subscription at your school. Although we can give you an idea of how corporate subscriptions are typically managed, you should talk to the administration at your school to find out as every school’s policies and structures are unique.

If your school purchased a subscription for you, there are typically two types administrators involved:

Procurement administrator

The administrator responsible for the decision to purchase SMART Learning Suite at your school will have different titles and roles, depending on your region and type of school. Your subscription may have been purchased at the local or district level, so talk to someone at your school to find who is responsible for the school’s technology budget.

Contact your procurement administrator to find out how your subscription is purchased and what plans the school or district has to renew it.

System administrator or technical specialist

A system administrator is an expert in managing IT systems who is in charge of installing software and setting up access on teachers’ computers. The person doing this job may go by a different title depending on the region and type of school, but you’ll likely find this administrator in your school’s IT department. Sometimes system administrators are hired at the district level to manage IT setup at multiple schools, so it’s possible you’ll need to look beyond your building.

Contact your system administrator for help setting up your access to SMART Notebook Plus. Once your school has subscribed, setting up access enables you to continue using SMART Notebook Plus.

Through the SMART Admin Portal—a platform designed for system administrators to manage subscription provisioning and activation—your system administrator can provision you to use SMART Notebook Plus on any device where it’s installed, find your product key, and see when your subscription is due for renewal.


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