Opening SMART Learning Suite Online lessons from Google Drive


From Google Drive, you can open a lesson in Delivery mode by right-clicking it and selecting Open with > SMART Learning Suite Online.

After the lesson is open, you can switch to Editing mode or access additional functions through the User menu.



  • opening lessons
  • user menu
  • auto-save

After you’ve connected SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online to G Suite, your SLS Online lessons appear in Google Drive alongside your other files and resources.

To open a lesson from Google Drive

  1. Right-click the lesson.


    Double-clicking the lesson opens a Google Slides preview of the lesson rather than the actual lesson.

  2. Select Open with > SMART Learning Suite Online.

  3. The lesson opens in a new tab in Delivery mode.

Functions that are available after the lesson is open

  • After a lesson is open in Delivery mode, you can switch to Editing mode by clicking the User menu in the top left corner of the lesson and selecting Edit Lesson.


    Whether you are delivering or editing a lesson, your changes save automatically, so you can close the lesson tab at any time without losing your work.

  • You can also access the following user options from the menu:

    Menu item

    What it does


    Open the SLS Online support where you will find documentation of all the tasks and features in SLS Online along with videos and training.

    What’s new

    Open the What’s new page in the SLS Online support where you can find descriptions and videos of new features, listed by month.

    Request a feature

    Open the SLS Online user voice page where you can submit ideas and feedback, vote on the ideas that others have submitted, and see what features we’re planning to add next.

    Welcome intro

    Replay the updates and introductory tips that appear when you first sign in to SLS Online.

    Join our educators

    Apply to be a SMART Exemplary Educator and join an inspiring community of educators, schools, leaders, and students.

    Sign out

    Sign out of SLS Online.

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