Opening SMART Learning Suite Online lessons from Google Drive


From Google Drive, you can open a lesson in Delivery mode by right-clicking it and selecting Open with > SMART Learning Suite Online.

After the lesson is open, you can switch to Editing mode or access additional functions through the User menu in SMART Learning Suite Online.


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After you’ve connected SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online to G Suite, your SLS Online lessons appear in Google Drive alongside your other files and resources.

But before you begin using SLS lessons in Google Drive, you should make SLS Online the default program for opening SLS files.

To make SLS Online the default program for opening SLS Online files

  1. Select the Settings icon(in the top right half of your screen).

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Manage Apps.

  4. Scroll down to SMART Learning Suite and select Use by default.

Without the setting above enabled, double-clicking an SLS file opens a Google Slides preview of the lesson rather than the actual lesson, and you have to right-click the file and select Open with > SMART Learning Suite Online in order to open it.

But after you’ve set SLS Online as the default program for opening SLS files in Google Drive, you’ll be able to double-click lesson files and open them in SLS Online as expected.

To open a lesson from Google Drive

  1. Double-click the lesson file.

  2. SLS Online opens in a new tab with the lesson in Delivery mode.


    If a new tab does not open and instead you see a Google Slides preview of the file, go back to the previous procedure and complete it before continuing.

To navigate the user menu

After a lesson is open in Delivery mode, you can switch to Editing mode by clicking in the top left corner of the lesson to open the User menu, and then selecting the Edit Lesson button.

From the User menu that opens you can also edit your profile name, make a copy of your lesson, access training, request a feature, or sign out.

Click on the User menu items in the image above to learn what they do.

Learn more about the User menu options:

User profile

User profile

Click to sign in to your SMART account and change your display name.

Edit Lesson

Edit Lesson

Switch from Delivery mode to Editing mode so that you can make changes to this lesson file.

Make a copy

Make a copy

When you make a copy of a lesson, you can deliver the same lesson to different groups of students and keep the student data separate in each copy.


A copy of a lesson does not include student data from the original.



Select the Training button to visit the SLS Online Training page, where you can get how-to steps that teach you how to use a feature in SLS Online alongside ideas for using that feature to engage students, enhance lessons, and extend learning in your classroom.

Request a feature

Request a feature

Open the SLS Online user voice page where you can submit ideas and feedback, vote on the ideas that others have submitted, and see what features we’re planning to add next.

Sign out

Sign out

Sign out of SLS Online.