Creating SMART Learning Suite Online Lessons from Google Drive


After you’ve connected SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online to G Suite, you can create SLS Online lessons within Google Drive by selecting New > More > SMART Learning Suite.


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  • creating lessons


You need to connect SLS Online to G Suite before you can create lessons from Google Drive.

To create an SLS Online lesson in Google Drive

  1. Click New to create a new file.


    Start in the folder where you want your lesson to be stored.

  2. Select More from the menu, and then choose SMART Learning Suite as the file type.

    The Add content page appears.

  3. Choose whether to import a file from your device or from Google Drive, create a quick activity, game, or assessment, or add a ready-made activity that is preloaded with questions and tasks for students.

  4. Browse to and select the file you want from your device’s file explorer or your Google Drive.


    SLS Online supports SMART Notebook, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft PowerPoint files. It also supports Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets when you’re connected to G Suite.


    Follow the steps to create or add a new activity.

    After its uploaded or created, the file opens in a new tab in SMART Learning Suite Online’s Editing mode.

  5. The lesson is saved as soon as you open it. You can close the lesson tab to return to Google Drive, where the .sls lesson now appears alongside your other files.