SMART Learning Suite Online training and videos


Training page and teacher guide

The SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online training page introduces you to the SLS teacher guide, which shows you how to use SLS Online and provides you with instructional ideas for engaging students in your classroom.

Training page and teacher guide

Training courses

This course explains how to drive student engagement using SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online. Sign up for a SMART account and complete the course modules to earn a certificate.

Getting Started Online

Training programs

These three courses show you how to use your SMART Board display, SMART Notebook, and SLS Online together to build and deliver exciting lessons and learning activities. Sign up for a SMART account and complete the program modules to earn a certificate.

SMART Digital Educator

Skills toolkit for teachers

Browse in-depth pedagogy and classroom technology tutorials. Most of the videos in the Skills Toolkit feature SMART Notebook, which you can download for free here.

Explore the Skills Toolkit video collection

Technical training

This course teaches you the basics of using SLS Online and prepares you to assist other users. The course is written for SMART support personnel and for teachers and tech specialists who provide technical support within their schools.


Introducing SLS Online

Account setup

Adding and editing lessons

Delivering lessons

Using Workspace activities

Using Handout activities

Creating individual activities

Creating group activities

Two of the videos above are recorded in SMART Notebook, but you can build the same activities in SLS Online.

To add an activity to a lesson in SMART Learning Suite Online

In the lesson library tap Edit on the lesson where you wish to add the activity. After the lesson opens, tap Add page , select the Activityoption, and then choose the activity type from the menu.

When you’re ready to deliver the activity, see Helping students connect to your class in SMART Learning Suite Online.

Customizing activities

Sharing lessons

Connecting to G Suite and working in Google Drive