The lesson library in SMART Learning Suite Online


The lesson library is SMART Learning Suite Online’s home page. Use the library to store, access, and organize lessons and to manage settings.


  • SMART Learning Suite Online


  • getting to know the interface
  • storing and managing lesson files
  • settings
  • personalization
  • opening lessons
  • deleting lessons

The lesson library opens when you sign in to SMART Learning Suite Online. From within the lesson library, you can add and edit lessons and then deliver them to your students.

Click each label to learn more about the lesson library.

Add files

Select Add Activities to import or create lesson material.

Class name and ID

Your class name and ID appear at the top of the lesson library’s interface.

Students enter the class ID number to connect to your lessons.

The display name from your Google or Microsoft account is the class’s default name, but you can change the default name to anything you’d like.

View training

Select the Training button to visit the SLS Online Training page, where you can get how-to steps that teach you how to use a feature in SLS Online alongside ideas for using that feature to engage students, enhance lessons, and extend learning in your classroom.

Open user menu

Tap the user icon to open the User menu, where you can sign out, access the online help and a list of new features, review start-up instructions (if you dismissed them before), request a feature, or connect with a community of SMART educators.

Change class name and banner

Select Edit Class to customize the lesson library by changing the class name or by uploading a custom banner image to replace the generic blue banner at the top of the lesson library page.

Getting Started file

Complete an interactive walk-through that introduces you to the basic elements you can add to a lesson. This is the best place to start if you’re using SLS Online for the first time.

Sample lesson

Beside the Getting Started file is a complimentary lesson file you can explore and adapt for use in your own classroom.

Opening lessons

If you’re using a computer, hover the pointer over a lesson to reveal the options for opening it.

Choose START to open the lesson in Delivery or EDIT to open it in Editing mode.

On a touch device, tap the lesson to start it. To edit the lesson, open the More menu by tappingin the bottom right corner of the thumbnail and then select Edit.


Tap the search button to search for a lesson previously imported into your library.

File display

Use these buttons to change how your lessons are displayed in the lesson library: either as list items or tiles.

File organization

Use these buttons to sort your lessons either by date or by name.