The lesson library in SMART Learning Suite Online


The lesson library is SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online’s home page. Use the library to store, access, and organize lessons and to manage settings.



  • getting to know the interface
  • storing and managing lesson files
  • settings
  • personalization
  • opening lessons
  • deleting lessons

The lesson library opens when you sign in to SMART Learning Suite Online. From within the lesson library, you can add and edit lessons and then deliver them to your students.

Lesson library controls

Feature or control


Add Activities button

Select Add Activities to import or create lesson material.

Training button

Select Training to open training resources in a new window.

Getting Started file

Complete an interactive walk-through that introduces you to the basic elements you can add to a lesson. This is the best place to start if you’re using SLS Online for the first time.

Sample lessons

Beside the Getting Started file are several complimentary lesson files you can explore and adapt for use in your own classroom.

START and EDIT buttons

If you're using a computer, hover the pointer over a lesson to show options for opening it (either in Delivery or Editing mode).

On a touch device, tap the lesson to start it. To edit the lesson, open the More menu by tappingand then select Edit.

Class name and class ID

Your class name and ID appear at the top of the lesson library’s interface. Students enter the class ID number to connect to your lessons.

SMART Learning Suite Online uses the display name from your Google or Microsoft account as the class's default name. You can change the default name to anything you'd like.

Edit Class button

Select Edit Class to customize the lesson library by changing the class name or by adding a class banner or photo.
User iconTap the user icon to open the User menu, where you can sign out, access the online help and a list of new features, review start-up instructions (if you dismissed them before), request a feature, or connect with a community of SMART educators.
Search buttonTap the search button to search for a lesson previously imported into your library.
File display buttonsUse the file display buttons to change how your lessons appear in the lesson library: either as a list items or tiles.
Sort by Date and Sort by Name buttonsUse the sorting buttons to sort your lessons either by date or by name.

Interacting with lessons

Open a lesson

  1. Hover over the lesson you want to open.

  2. Select START to open the lesson in delivery mode. The lesson is automatically shared with connected students.


    Select EDIT to open the lesson in editing mode, where you can modify it before you deliver it to the class.


    On a touch device, tap the lesson to start it.


    To edit the lesson, open the More menu by tapping and then select Edit.


    After a lesson opens in Delivery mode, select Home in the lesson’ upper left corner to return to the lesson library.


    After a lesson opens in Editing mode, select Finish Editing in the upper left corner of the editing interface to return to the lesson library.

Delete a lesson

  1. On your lesson library page, select the check box next to the lessons you want to delete.

    A message appears, telling you how many lessons are selected.

  2. Select Delete.

    The selected files are deleted.

Make a copy of a lesson

When you make a copy of a lesson, you can deliver the same lesson to different groups of students and keep the student data separate in each copy.


A copy of a lesson does not include student data from the original.

  1. Tap in the bottom right corner of the lesson thumbnail.

    The More menu opens.

  2. Select Make a copy.


    Rename the original and copied lessons by adding the class name to the lesson titles. This helps you keep track of which lesson is delivered to which class.