Accessing lessons outside of class


When your teacher gives you a link to a SMART Learning Suite Online lesson, you can use the link to access the lesson outside of class.

To access lessons outside of class, sign in with your school account.


  • SMART Learning Suite Online


  • Opening a lesson from a link
  • Signing in

You can access lessons outside of class to review concepts and practice what you’ve learned by completing activities.

You can move through the lesson on your own and complete individual activity pages or contribute to collaborative workspaces. (You won’t be able to play any team games, though, because you won’t be connected to the rest of the class.)

To access a lesson outside of class

  1. Tap the link your teacher provided, or copy and paste it into a web browser.

    If you’re not signed in to your school account, a message appears, asking you to sign in.

  2. Sign in to your school account.

    After you sign in, a welcome page appears. You can open the lesson from here.

  3. Tap OPEN, and the lesson opens.