Editing mode in SMART Learning Suite Online


Editing mode is SMART Learning Suite Online’s lesson editing view.

In Editing mode, you can rename a lesson, add and delete pages, rename activities, convert presentation pages to activities, and undo and redo any action.

If you don’t yet have files in your lesson library, you’ll need to add a lesson before you can enter Editing mode.


  • SMART Learning Suite Online


  • Editing mode layout and controls
  • Interface tour

Editing mode opens when you add a lesson file, which you can do by importing an existing lesson, selecting a ready-made activity, or by building your own activity or assessment.

You can also open saved lessons in Editing mode by either hovering over the lesson thumbnail and selecting EDIT (if you’re using a computer) or by selecting Edit from the Moremenu (if you’re using a touch device or display).

Editing mode includes the following controls:

Click each label to learn about Editing mode features:

Leave Editing mode

Select Finished Editing in the top left corner of the screen to leave Editing mode and return to your lesson library. See The lesson library.


If you’ve connected SLS Online to G Suite, selecting Finished Editing will take you to Delivery mode. See Opening lessons from Google Drive.

Lesson title

Select the lesson title that appears in the blue panel on the top right to rename the lesson.

Save status

Changes to the lesson are saved automatically. The save status that appears in the blue panel at the top of the lesson indicates whether changes are saving or have been saved.

Undo redo

Use in the top right corner of the screen to undo or redo changes.

Add text or media

Use the tools in the presentation page toolbar to add text, images, and links to the page.

Once you add something to the page using the text tool or media panel, it becomes a page object that you can select and manipulate using the selection tool.

See Editing presentation pages for more on adding and manipulating page objects.

Page area

This area shows a preview of the page selected in the page sorter.

When you select an activity page, Edit and Preview buttons are available for the activity. See Editing activities and assessments and Previewing activities.

Page Sorter

The Page Sorter shows you all the pages in your lesson.

You can reorder and remove pages in the sorter. You can also add pages using the Add Page button .


Each page has an icon that indicates the page type. For example, a Shout it Out! activity page is overlaid with the Shout it Out! icon, and YouTube pages have a YouTube play button icon. Presentation pages have no icon.

Add Page

Select the Add Page button to open the Add content menu where you can choose what type of page you want to add to your lesson.

After you select a page type, the new page appears in the Page Sorter just below the page that was selected when you clicked .

Selected page object

When you add text, an image or a link to a presentation page it becomes a page object you can manipulate. Use the selection toolto select the object you’ve added. You can rotate and resize the object using the circular handles.

Click to reveal more options including locking the object in place, duplicating it, converting it to an Infinite Cloner, or deleting it. See Editing presentation pages for more on how to manipulate objects.

Convert to Activity page

Select the Convert to Activity button below the Page Area to convert the current page to an activity.


This option is visible only when a presentation page is selected.

Delete page

Select the Delete button in the bottom right corner of the screen to remove the current page from your lesson.