Delivery mode in SMART Learning Suite Online


Delivery mode is SMART Learning Suite Online’s lesson presentation view.

In Delivery mode you can see and manage connected students, control lesson pacing, navigate lesson pages, write and draw on presentation pages, convert presentation pages to activities, and add instant pages to quickly illustrate a point or brainstorm on the fly.


  • SMART Learning Suite Online


  • Delivery mode layout and controls
  • interface tour

Tap a lesson’s thumbnail image to start the lesson. It opens in Delivery mode and is shared with connected students.

Delivery mode consists of a command bar and a page area.

Click each label to learn about Delivery mode features.


The toolbar on the left side of the page indicates that a lesson is open in Delivery mode rather than Editing mode.

Page area

Write, draw, and interact with objects on presentation pages, or complete activities on activity pages.

Leaving Delivery mode

Select the Home button to return to the lesson library. Any changes you’ve made to the lesson are saved automatically.


If you’ve connected SLS Online to G Suite, you’ll see the User menu icon in place of the Home button. See Opening lessons from Google Drive.

Open class panel

Select the Manage Class button to open the class panel, where you can manage connected students, control lesson pacing, and convert presentation pages.

Pen tools

The pen tools appear on presentation pages. Use these controls to write, draw, and erase digital ink on the page.


If you are on a page containing an activity or an assessment the pen tools will be replace by one of the following:

  • Activity controls

  • Assessment controls

Add Instant Page

Select the Instant Page button to insert a blank page or an instant Shout It Out! activity so you can illustrate a point or brainstorm with students on the fly.


You can convert a blank page to deliver a Workspace activity on the fly while you’re delivering a lesson.

Page navigation

Use the page navigation controls to display the next or previous page in a lesson.

Tap the page sorter icon in the center to open and close the page sorter, an additional navigation panel containing thumbnails of lesson pages.