Converting presentation pages to Handout or Workspace activities in SMART Learning Suite Online


Convert presentation pages into independent Handout or collaborative Workspace activities so that students can interact with page content in SMART Learning Suite Online.

When you are in Delivery mode, browse to a presentation page and open the class panel to reveal page conversion controls.


  • SMART Learning Suite Online


  • page conversion
  • Handouts
  • Workspaces

When you’re presenting a lesson to your class, you may want to convert a presentation page to an activity that your students can interact with on their own devices.


After a page is converted to an activity, it’s saved as an activity in the lesson. The next time you deliver that lesson, you don’t have to convert the page again.

You can convert a presentation page into the Handout or Workspace activity format:

  • In Handout activities, students work on their own devices to independently complete an activity that you’ve created on the page.

  • In Workspace activities, you assign students to teams and then students use their connected devices to collaborate with their team on a single page to complete a group project or assignment you’ve designed.

To convert a presentation page to a Handout or Workspace activity

  1. Open the lesson in Delivery mode and go to the presentation page you want to convert.

  2. Ensure students have joined your class, and then select to open the class panel. Because you are on a presentation page with students connected, options appear for making the page interactive.

  3. Select Individual Handout Activity to start a Handout activity that students can complete on their own devices.


    Select Collaborative Workspace Activity and follow the on-screen instructions to divide the class into teams and start the activity.

    To learn how to use the activity you’ve created see Delivering Workspace activities or Delivering Handout activities, and Contributing to Workspace and Handout activities.