Helping students connect to your class in SMART Learning Suite Online


Students join your SMART Learning Suite Online class at using the class ID that appears at the top of your lesson library.

  • When students sign in using a school account, they can connect to classes more quickly and access lessons outside of class when you share a link.

  • Students can also join as guests if they don’t have school accounts.


  • SMART Learning Suite Online


  • class ID
  • student lobby
  • signing into a class
  • joining as a guest
  • class code
  • classlab
  • class lab
  • hellosmart
  • hello smart

After students have joined a class in SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online, they can follow along with a copy of the lessons that you deliver, complete activities, and participate in games, workspaces, and assessments.


When you’re delivering a lesson, use the Manage Class  button in the Delivery mode command bar to display a list of connected students in the class panel.

Tap the Expand button in the class panel’s top right corner to display the class ID for students who are trying to connect.

Students who have a school account and email with Google or Microsoft can sign in to connect to a class.

Students who don’t have a school account can join as guests.