Videos or animated objects won’t play in your SMART Notebook lesson because Adobe Flash Player won’t load.

Video: Convert Flash content in SMART Notebook

What’s happening

Adobe is discontinuing Flash Player and will remove all support for it in 2020. HTML5 is replacing Adobe Flash Player as the preferred online platform for multimedia content, so everyone who creates online content, including SMART Technologies, is switching to HTML5 for creating and playing multimedia files, such as videos and animations.

What SMART is doing

To promote the use of files that will work once Adobe Flash Player is discontinued, we removed support for the player in SMART Notebook 17. See a list of the Adobe Flash Player objects that SMART Notebook software no longer supports.

We’ve already replaced the most popular Adobe Flash Player activities in the SMART Notebook Gallery with HTML5 activities. See a list of the Adobe Flash Player activities that SMART Notebook software converts.

What you can do

To prepare for Adobe Flash Player’s discontinuation, delete unsupported, Flash based objects and activities from your SMART Notebook lessons and create new ones using the tools available in SMART Notebook 17. Download a guide at

You can create fun and engaging activities with the activity wizard . Learn more about what SMART’s activities offers and how to use activities.

If you really need to play a Flash based file from an old lesson, you can attempt to open it in an Adobe Flash enabled web browser.