Using Share in SMART Notebook 17.1


Use Notebook’s Share feature to share Notebook files and Notebook file links to your SMART Board.


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  • SMART Notebook 17
  • SMART Learning Suite


  • SMART Cloud driver
  • files
  • sharing
  • Notebook player app
  • share link

To use Share

  1. Open SMART Notebook.

  2. From the SMART Notebook menu, select Share.

    The Share dialog box opens.

  3. Press Share with a SMART Board.

  4. Enter the code of the SMART Board to which you wish to connect or select the code from the drop-down menu.

  5. Press Share Now.

    The Lessons library opens.

  6. Select the file in the library you wish to share. The file will be available on the board you previously selected.


Use SMART Notebook Player on the display to open, view and interact with downloaded or assigned SMART Notebook content. Player makes it easy to present files and play SMART lab activities on SMART Boards with iQ technology.

See Using SMART Notebook Player on your SMART Board 6000 with iQ for more information.

To share using a link

You can also share a file by sending a link to the file to a SMART Board with iQ technology. This is very useful for sharing large files.

  1. From the Share dialog box, press Share using a link.

    The Share link dialog box opens.

  2. Paste the link into an email and then send the email to those with whom you want to share the file.

    The recipients click the link they received by email to begin the file download.

  3. Press to close the dialog box.

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