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Using Monster Quiz in SMART Notebook 16

Monster Quiz is a mobile device-enabled progression quiz with multiple choice and true and false questions. Students learn through teamwork and competition. Using their mobile enabled devices, students help their team grow lovable monster characters by correctly answering their teacher prepared questions.

To use Monster Quiz

  1. Open SMART lab by pressing the toolbar icon in the Notebook toolbar.

    The Select an Activity Creation Wizard opens.

  2. Scroll to Monster Quiz and press activity icon.

    The Monster Quiz Add Content dialog box opens.

  3. Select between Multiple Choice and True or False as the type of quiz you would like to build.

  4. For Multiple Choice format, enter a question. You may use up to 150 characters for your question.

  5. Enter at least two answers to the question you entered in step 4, and press the button beside the correct answer. A indicates the answer.

  6. Press Add Question to begin adding questions and answers to the activity. You can also add questions from a previously saved list or save new questions to a list. For more information about adding content, see Using Monster Quiz in SMART Notebook 16.

    Only the first ten questions are added to the activity.

  7. Press Next.

    The Add game components dialog box opens with a reminder dialog that gaming components are not available for the Monster Quiz activity.

  8. Press Finish. SMART lab builds the activity, and it will be ready for use after a few moments.

  9. Press the red Activity icon .

  10. The Student Contribution Activity dialog dialog appears. It includes the URL that students will enter into their browsers and the generated activity ID number students will enter on the SMART Notebook lesson activity builder website. Direct students to visit on their mobile device browsers. The activity icon turns green to indicate that an activity is currently in progress.

  11. Students enter the Activity code ID and their name in the dialog that appears on their mobile devices.

  12. Have students press Join the activity on their devices.

  13. Press Start the Activity on the Monster Quiz activity window.

    Students receive a confirmation that they are now in the game.

  14. The teacher presses set teams and enters the number of participating teams.

    SMART lab assigns participants to the teams and builds the activity, and it will be ready for use after a few moments. To start the activity and allow your students to make contributions, see Using Monster Quiz in SMART Notebook 16.

  15. Press Start Quiz.

    The quiz begins.

    Students answer the quiz on their mobile devices. As correct answers are given, the monsters hatch, and the game concludes when all monsters have hatched.

  16. Press Review to review students’ answers. You can now review the team scoreboards and class reviews.

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