Importing Microsoft PowerPoint files

Windows operating systems only

Use the importer to convert a PowerPoint file into a Notebook file. After the file is converted, you can add new interactive activities, pages, and assessments to complete your lesson.

To import a PowerPoint file

  1. Select FileImport.

    The Open dialog appears.

  2. Browse to and select the PowerPoint file you want to import.

  3. Click Open.

  4. Select how you want to import the file:



    Recommended if

    SMART Notebook pages with images

    Each page is converted to a Notebook page. Although the converted pages are not editable, their appearance matches the original file exactly.

    • You don’t need to make changes to your original file.

    • You just want to add new activities or assessments but don’t need to change the page contents from the original file.

    SMART Notebook pages with editable objects

    Each page is converted to a Notebook page.

    Objects such as lines, images, text, shapes, and so on, are imported and converted to Notebook objects. You can move and edit these objects in Notebook.

    Some adjustments may be required to make the converted pages look the way you want them to.

    • You want to be able to make changes to the lesson’s contents from the original file.

    • If your file has special formats, styles, objects, or animations. Some styles and features may not be supported in SMART Notebook.


    If you selected the SMART Notebook pages with editable objects option, see the table at the end of this section to learn how different PowerPoint objects are handled when they are imported into SMART Notebook.

  5. Click OK.

    SMART Notebook software adds the contents of the PowerPoint file to a new .notebook file.