Using screen shade and cell shade tools

If you want to cover information and reveal it slowly during a presentation, you can add a Screen Shade to a page. You can also use a cell shade to cover specific cells within a table and reveal their contents slowly.


  • You can also change the color of your screen shade to enhance your presentation.

  • If you add a Screen Shade to a page and save the file, the Screen Shade appears over the page the next time you open the file.

To add a Screen Shade to a page

  1. In SMART Notebook, tap Show/Hide Screen Shade.


    Tap the SMART Board icon in the notification area (Windows operating systems) or Mac menu bar (macOS operating systems), and then select Screen Shade.


    If your computer isn't currently connected to a SMART interactive product, the SMART Board icon includes an X in its lower-right corner.


    If SMART Ink is on, tap to expand its floating toolbar to open it in full mode, tap Tools then Screen Shade.

  2. If your computer is connected to more than one display, select the display on which you want the screen shade to appear.

  3. Tap the screen shade to automatically change it to a different color.

To reveal part of the page

  1. Drag one of the Screen Shade's handles (the small circles at the edges of the Screen Shade) to cover and uncover the page.

To remove the Screen Shade from a page

  1. Tap Show/Hide Screen Shade.


    Tap Close in the upper-right corner of the Screen Shade.