Creating a SMART Account as a student

Create a student SMART Account so that next time you join your teacher’s class, it’s easier and quicker to do! When you create an account and sign in , saves your screen name and a list of the classes you sign in to.

Having a SMART Account also lets you access lessons your teacher shares with you outside of class time.

To set up a SMART Account as a student

  1. In a web browser, go to

  2. Tap SIGN IN.

    Image of the welcome screen at with the "Sign in" button selected

    The welcome screen appears.

    Image of the SMART account setup screen with two buttons to choose between "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Microsoft"
  3. Select either a Google or Microsoft account, depending on the kind your school provides.

    Account type



    1. Select Sign in with Google.

      The Google account dialog opens.

      Image of Google's "Choose an account" dialog with previously used accounts listed alongside "use another account"
    2. Select your school email address from the list of accounts or tap Use another account and enter your school email and password.


    1. Select Sign in with Microsoft.

      The Microsoft sign in page opens.

      Image if Microsoft's sign-in idalog with the options to sign in or create an account
    2. Enter your school email and password and click Sign In.

    After you sign in to your Google or Microsoft account, the next screen asks you to provide some basic information for setting up your SMART Account.

  4. Fill out the required information, agree to the terms of use, and then tap Finish.

    The Join your class dialog appears.

    image of "Join your class" dialog with a field for typing in the class ID
  5. Type the class ID into the text box and tap Join.

    If your teacher has started a lesson, it appears on your device.


    If your teacher hasn’t started a lesson yet, the student lobby appears.

    Waiting room image, a cartoon character appears with the message "We're waiting your teacher to start the lesson."


  • SMART Account
  • Google account
  • Microsoft account
  • Sign in
  • Setup