Getting support and finding the serial number

SMART Support welcomes your call. However, if you experience difficulty with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you might want to contact your local reseller first. Your reseller can often resolve the issue without delay.

You can find a list of parts and service parts diagrams for the interactive whiteboard or interactive whiteboard system on the SMART support website ( To order parts, contact your local reseller (

Before contacting SMART Support, make note of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard’s serial number. If you printed this manual, you can make note of the serial number in the inside cover of this manual.

To determine the interactive whiteboard’s serial number

  1. You can find the serial number in two places: on the back of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, and on the bottom right-hand edge of the interactive whiteboard’s frame (the side).

    Serial number locations on side and back of a SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard

    The serial number on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard always begins with the letters SBX, followed by the interactive whiteboard’s model number, for example, SBX880-xx-xxxxxx. The serial number can include numbers, letters and hyphens.


    Make sure you include all the numbers, letters and hyphens in the serial number when contacting technical support.