Getting support and finding serial numbers

If an issue you’re experiencing with the display persists or isn’t covered in Troubleshooting your display or the knowledge base, contact your authorized SMART reseller ( for support.

Postion of where the product label is located on the display

Your reseller might ask you for the serial number for the display. The serial number is on a label located on the left side of the display (pictured).


  • Scan the QR code on the label to view the SMART Board 6000S or 6000S Pro series interactive display support pages on the SMART website.

  • The label features the display’s base model number (for example, SBID-6065-V3). Please note this number is different from the actual model/SKU number (for example SBID-6265-V3).

  • You can also find the serial number in the iQ settings (see System settings for iQ or System settings for iQ Pro).


Identify your model


  • troubleshooting
  • contacting resellers
  • serial numbers

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