iQ appliance (AM50) specifications

The iQ appliance with Intel Compute Card is designed specifically to work with SMART Board MX, 6000 1, 6000 Pro 2, 7000, and 7000 Pro series interactive displays to provide a complete all-in-one experience for classrooms. This solution caters to a whole class, a small group, or individual instruction.

When you install the AM50 model of the iQ appliance in a supported interactive display, you have one-touch access to a full suite of SMART education and third-party applications without connecting an external computer. These applications include the powerful whiteboard, a built-in web browser, access to a number of SMART Learning Suite applications, and multi‑platform wireless screen sharing. These native iQ applications provide a simple, yet powerful onboard experience that connects student devices and the interactive display.

Install an Intel Compute Card in the appliance to provide a fully functional Windows 10 solution at your fingertips, without the need for an external PC or cabling. Choose from two different compute card options to provide a consistent room-to-room Windows Full HD experience, including access to apps in the Microsoft Store for Education.


Each Intel Compute Card comes with Windows 10 Pro.


  • AM50


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