Using SMART USB cable extenders

Improperly extended USB connections can cause a SMART product’s touch features to behave unexpectedly.

An active USB extension cable (USB‑XT) can be used to extend the USB connection beyond the length of the USB cable that was included with the SMART product, as shown below:

USB-XT extender connecting a laptop to a SMART product

In addition to the active USB extension cable, SMART offers a CAT 5 USB extender (CAT5-XT-1100) that enables even greater extension. The CAT5 USB extender uses a Cat 5 or Cat 5e cable in addition to the USB cables:

Computer connected to a SMASRT product through two CAT5-XT-1100 extenders and a CAT 5 cable that is no more than 131' (40 m) in length